Defense for Every Type of Criminal Charge

Areas of Practice



DUIs can have significant collateral impact on your life outside of the criminal courthouse. We strive to ensure your rights are protected and all potential consequences are anticipated and minimized.


Weapon Charges

Weapons charges can be either a felony or misdemeanor. You need a strong attorney to evaluate if the search that discovered your weapon was legal and protect your future rights to possess weapons.


Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a hot button issue in our world today, and these charges need to be handled carefully to protect both your name and reputation.


Drug Charges

Drug laws and consequences are constantly changing in California, such as the recent legalization of marijuana use. We can assist with defense of current charges, keeping your record clear in some circumstances, as well as help clean up previous convictions if affected by new law.

Theft Charges

From passing bad checks to taking bread from the supermarket, these offenses can be a black mark on an employment background check. An attorney can evaluate the evidence against you and ensure you are treated fairly by the courts.


Anytime a charge of violence is leveled against an individual, it needs to be put into context. Whether it was self defense or justified for another reason, we can help you understand your best legal defenses and use them to your advantage.